Furniture Makeovers

Chalk Painted Dining Chairs

Quite a while ago I acquired a set of four rather heavy, great quality wooden chairs. They were a little dated but definitely had potential. They looked like this: I had already acquired and painted some other dining chairs but I was really drawn to the solid-ness of these ones so I sold the other… Continue reading Chalk Painted Dining Chairs

Furniture Makeovers

Piano Stool Make-over

A few days ago I decided to part with a couple of beautiful painted dining chairs. The lady who bought them asked if I could paint her piano stool to match - well, sounds good to me! This is how it was: I used emulsion paint for the dining chairs so I wanted to do… Continue reading Piano Stool Make-over

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How to reupholster a dining chair seat

This post is closely linked with my dining chair makeover post. The other post covers the wood prep and painting and this one shows you how to reupholster the cushion part. The kit and caboodle: Flat head screwdriver (to prise up the old upholstery nails) Pliers or something similar (again, to help remove the old… Continue reading How to reupholster a dining chair seat

Up-cycling Projects

Spice rack – an up cycling project

Recently, when me and my boyfriend were wandering around second hand furniture shop, we stumbled across a strange wooden shelf thing for a Β£1. We had no idea what it was actually intended for but, for a Β£1, we kinda just wanted it anyway... convincing ourselves we would find a purpose for it we went… Continue reading Spice rack – an up cycling project