Furniture Makeovers

Chalk Painted Dining Chairs

Quite a while ago I acquired a set of four rather heavy, great quality wooden chairs. They were a little dated but definitely had potential. They looked like this:


I had already acquired and painted some other dining chairs but I was really drawn to the solid-ness of these ones so I sold the other ones and started tidying up these ones. The main difference is that this time around I used chalk paint instead of primer and emulsion. The main reason is because I wanted to minimise the prep-work, and sanding, cleaning, getting covered in dust, and then layers of primer felt like too much faff (I’m not ruling it out as a good method though because it has its benefits!). This time, after removing the cushions,Β  I opened up my tin of Antique White Rusto-leum Chalk paint, wiped down the chairs with a damp cloth (make it nice ‘n clean) and got my brush and just started painting. The paint went on like an absolute dream – with no prepping other than a bit of a clean. I always do multiple very thin layers as it gives a better finish.


Paints like a dream 😍

This is after two layers:

I’m a fan of lots of thin layers as it always gives a better and longer lasting finish. These chairs required five thin layers. Probably would’ve been fine with four but I’m quite particular about the finish so I wanted that extra layer, just to make sure coverage was even and lovely.

I was aiming for a ‘smoothly does it’ finish (just feels so good!) so, as chalk paint is quite thick and I had a lot of brush marks, I got hold of some 320 and 400 grit sandpaper (it really does go that high!) and gently sanded over the paint, constantly wiping the dust up with a microfibre cloth. This gave the chairs a silky smooth finish which I’m really proud of. I was careful not to overdo it, as part of the charm with hand painted furniture is seeing that it was hand painted so I didn’t want to lose the hand painted character.

When that was finished it was waxing time! I use Rust-oleum finishing wax which is kind of my tried and trusted go-to wax. Apply all over, then buff. I used lint-free cloths for these but some times a wax brush is more appropriate (if there a lots of books and crannies to get the wax into).

The only thing left to do after all this painting and waxing was the reupholstery! I forgot to take photos but you can see the before at the top of this post, and you can see the after in the photo below:

Our little dining table will be ‘gotten’ with my paintbrush soon!

And from another angle:

Things I used:

Just so you know – I’ve used affiliate links in that list, which means if you click them and buy the product I’ve linked to I might get a little referral fee (it’s not much but it might help go towards a tin of paint eventually! 😁)

Hope you enjoyed looking at this chair makeover – let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them πŸ˜€


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